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  1. Pin Modulator

    Pin Modulator are used to provide amplitude or pulse modulation in wide range of microwave to study many applications. These modulators uses PIN diode which is mounted across the waveguide line with RF isolated DC bias lead passing to an external TNC (F)
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  2. Digital IC Tester

    Features:Trouble free Functionality.Precisely engineered.Operationl fluency.
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  3. Digital Storage Oscilloscope- 50 MHz

    50 Mhz DSO Digital Storage Oscilloscope
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  4. Digital Function Generator 1 MHz

    The Digital Function Generator is a useful test instrument capable of generating multiple waveforms like sine, square and triangle at any required frequency, in switched decade sub-ranges. The Generator has output banana sockets: and a maximum wave output of 100mV to 5 volts peak to peak, which may be adjusted by a variable potentiometer control. The Function Generator has a selection to switch from sine, square and triangle waveform. The requency of the signal is set on a dial, along with a multiplier range switch.
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  5. DRF (Direct Reading Frequency Meter)

    DRF (Direct Reading Frequency) Meters are used to measure the microwave frequency accurately. There long scale length and numbered calibration marks provide high resolution which is particularly useful when measuring frequency difference of small frequency changes.
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  6. Tunable Probe

    Tunable Probes are very useful devices to measure the SWR and Impedances. Tunable probe is consists of a crystal detector and small wire antenna in coaxial housing. Its depth of penetration into the slotted section is variable.
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  7. Variable Attenuator

    For perfect matching sometimes it is rerequired that the microwave power in a waveguide be absorted completely without any reflection and also insensative to frequency. For this Attenuator are commonly used for measuring power gain or loss in dBs for providing isolation between instruments, for reducing the power input to a particular stage to prevent overloading.These attenuator provide continuous attenuator of Power upto 20 dB.
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